Acá les dejo este desafió para las fanáticas

1. Why do you like Robbie?
2. Favorite song from LTaL (Life Through a Lens)
3. Favorite 90’s Robbie Picture
4. Favorite IBEY song (I’ve Been Expecting You)
5. Favorite recent picture of Robbie.
6. Favorite song from SWYW (Sing When You’re Winning)
7. Favorite Music Video
9. Favorite Swing When You’re Winning Song OR Least Liked Music Video.
10. Favorite quote
11. Favorite Escapology song.
12. Favorite Live/Concert
13. Favorite Intensive Care song
14. Favorite interview
15. Favorite Rudebox song.
16. Favorite Take That song.
17. Favorite Reality Killed the Video Star song.
18. Pre Take That or Post Take That?
19. Favorite overall song and why.
20. Favorite Album and why.
21. Favorite lyrics.
22. How did you start liking Robbie.
23. Something you don’t like about Robbie.
24. Dream collaboration
25. A random fact about Robbie